When a Portfolio Doesn't Matter

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I‘ve decided that a portfolio showcase of my past work is no longer relevant, here’s why.

So after many years in this internet game and sitting on a way outdated ‘portfolio’ site, I decided that I was ready to start over and evaluate that need again.

Was I going to put together something else with some static images of sites I've worked on in various capacities, showcasing work that may not even be immediately obvious in that medium? It seemed just a bit too abstract and pointless as to what I do on a regular basis. Also, it frankly seems somewhat patronizing to those who do work on more visual product. Sure, sometimes I affect the look and feel of the projects I work on. Often, this is not the case, where I instead solve how it operates or performs.

Therein lies what you see now. What is currently a simple weblog. I plan to write some about industry happenings, changes and opinions in that subject matter. I would also like to do some experimentation with this site. I'll add small bits such as a basic CV, mostly to work with an interesting API or two. I think between what I hope this site becomes and my GitHub profile, most people should get a sense of the kind of work I can perform.

For this site, I'm selecting Pelican. It‘s a static site generator. For smaller and more simplistic sites with a single author I just don’t see the point in getting involved with a CMS. Plus, it‘s in Python and that’s slowly becoming another language I'd like to get better at/be more familiar with. Should be an interesting ride…